Full Version: FBIde 0.4.2 released
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Hey all,

After a while now 0.4.2 version of FBIde is ready for release. Here's changelog:
* Added crappy supprt for single instance ( vongodric )
* Added popup menu on tabs ( vongodric )
* Added possibility to close a tab with middle mouse button. ( vongodric )
* Added russian, chinese, greek, japanese, roumanian, finnish, slovak and bulgarian languages. ( vongodric )
* Added Sub/Func browser closing with esc ( vongodric )
* Fixed bug with settings loading ( vongodric )
* Fixed bug with error reporting - that coused fbide crash. ( vongodric )
* Fixed wrong error marker position in error-reporting ( vongodric )
* Fixed problem with compiling when long paths were used. ( vongodric )
* Fixed several bugs with Sub/function browser. ( vongodric )
* Changed title to flash in taskbar when opening a new file under single instance ( dumbledore )
* Changed Sub/Func browser to stay open until all tabs are closed ( vongodric )
* Changed FBIde to refresh apon exiting programs -on some videocards otherwise coused problems ( vongodric )
* Changed in Sub/Func browser subs and functions are colored in different colors ( vongodric )
* Changed Sub/Functon browser now refreshes much faster ( vongodric )

you can grab it here: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/fbide...p?download

Sry folks for now only zip archive. Installer and fbide+fbc package will be made public shortly.
awesome, just awesome, keep up the good work Big Grin