Full Version: KENTAURI has released a new game called Poxie
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KENTAURI has released a new game called Poxie and it's the first KENTAURI game written in FreeBASIC.

Poxie is a 2D action game combining pacman and platform game concept, featuring vertical scrolling, 256 colors graphic and Sound Blaster sound effects and music.

Poxie is very similar to Panic Vicious, a QBasic game released 7 years ago.

Download the game here:
http://kentauri.digitalblackie.com/Poxie.zip (2.2 MB)
http://kentauri.digitalblackie.com/PoxieLite.zip (0.23 MB) - No sound and music

Or visit my site for more info and screenshots: www.kentauri.cjb.net
just wondering, what happened to LONG?