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The September Issue of QB Express is now ready!

This month QB Express has a record FIVE game reviews, and a host of fantastic tutorials, columns and editorials on your favorite programming languages: QuickBasic and FreeBasic. There are two reviews of Lachie Dazdarian's new arcade game Poxie, J.B. asks the question "Is QuickBasic Dead?", Seb McClouth fills us in on Qbinux, Lachie Dazdarian reviews TerraScape and Lunatix: The Insanity Circle, MystikShadows reviews ASCII Scrolling Map Maker 2.5, Deleter takes a look at Game Apathy, there's a look at the FBTK Roguelike Compo in the Gallery, two comics, and much more!

The tutorials section this month features a pixel art tutorial on Stylized Foliage / Clouds Tutorial by Josiah Tobin, Syn9 teaches us how to create A Simple Spline Curve, Torahteen continues his "A* Implementation in FB" series, The Awakened teaches us C For The BASIC Programmer, Wallace tells us about Ally Artificial Intelligence, MystikShadows delivers "Database Design Part 3: Structured Query Language" and Moneo teaches you how to convert between the metric and English systems.

All this in more in QB Express Issue #14.
good issue, I haven't read everything, but that 3d qb fighting game seemed more like terminal velocity than raptor. All in all another good issue, keep up the good work Pete & Contributors.
Another great issue, (although my being QBX's proofreader may taint my views abit Big Grin )
One thing, Article XXXXXXXXXXXXX by XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a null article right above c++ for BASIC programers
I liked the pixel art column... nice. Big Grin
To Pete:

On the majority of articles and reviews and tutorials here, I’d say you have once again put together one awesome issue..... for real!! d=Big Grin=b Congrats to you and the contributors on this!!!

One concern though:

Quote:QB Express[/i] #14, it"]First off here, the gameplay of Poxie is originally intended to be a marriage of Pac-Man and a platform game indeed, and it pretty much shows its stuff here because this game does *quite* a good job at that, to be honest with you! :wtnod: !

.....the original smiley called “ :wtnod: ” is missing from there, so what you can do is replace that missing picture with either this:


.....or this....


.....and that will then solve the problem for you, Pete! Big Grin

Aside from that, another SPECTACTULAR issue from you, my man!!! :king: Check you out later!!


[Image: file.php?id=32]
Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow” ::: Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger” ::: Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”
Original Creator of the “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine”
Thanks for picking up the errors guys. I fixed the null xxxxxxx article and the broken smiley face in Adigun's review.
Great ish man! The rouge entries look beautiful!
Good work, as always.
Yeah, great issue!
Hmmm... I just noticed that I was disqualified from the FV encryption challenge. Why? :lol:
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