Full Version: Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
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Which intro did we decide on again? If no one will start this show, then I may as well.
Hey guys. I was wondering how your project is goin'? Any progress?
nope, not much progress torahteen.. I guess everyone was busy lately? Personally, I'd like to see this game get completed. Only Alex is the only the one that actually worked on it as far as i know. (Good job btw Alex)
Sorry to hear that. I would help, but I'm busy with our (syn9, SSC, Ryan, Rattrap, Eclipzer, and me) project. But tell me if you need any small help. I can lend a small hand.
OK, the start was that you were an ex programmer for Microsoft or something like that and end up being a spy of some sort working for.....? You start out in front of the "Base". Correct?
well, we could be infront of a secret linux of mac base on a secret island (thought that was how it goes)

Fine. So you're in front of the base, what options should we allow?
from earlier in the thread:

I meant specifically.... suck as "Look at building....Open Door, smoke your stash, fire gun, stuff like that...specific to the beginning.
Remember guys, you aren't going to want to program each specific command. You guys need a parser. Then find what the user wanted to do, see if it is a valid choice, then do the appropriate action.

So what you'll want to make is a list of items in the room. Such as Building, table, guard, etc.
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