Full Version: Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
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Don't you think you ever get annoying and make me think about not formatting my posts and getting worse and using leet speak.
Can we act a little more grown up here? Does anyone want to continue this text adventure or not?
I dun wanna gwo up. No! NO! :wink:

Axipher, how dare you go correcting someone who isn't a native English speaker. Three posts before you were saying "i don need to luk and check my gramar", now you're correcting someone else because they said 'cause instead of because? First of all, 'cause is perfectly natural English. We aren't expecting you to write an English paper on every topic you post about. We are just asking you to be more courteous in your posts, and show some respect to those that can't read english perfectly.

By the way, Nathan spelled two words "incorrectly", out of what, 150? Compared to your typical 10 words out of 20, this is perfectly acceptable. Especially since you know english better then she does.
All of you know that rereading what you type is the easiest way to pick up on your own mistakes right? Or if you're really lazy you can copy and paste into Microsoft Word and use spell check, though this won't make you any better at spelling it right in the first place. One other thing, if you really don't have time to type 1 post just wait till later.
Quote:...an unladen swallow...

Quote:But what if the swallow were to grip it...

It's not a matter of where he grips it, it's simple weight ratio, a 5 ounce bird cannot carry a 1 pound coconut.

What if there were 2 swallows?

King Arthur and company walk off
unladen=not carrying anything at all....

and @Torahteen, I believe its African, though it may be antartican.
It's African...there are no swallows in Antartica
Quote:It's African...there are no swallows in Antartica
You must be kidding :o :o :o

Well, to be honest I haven't heard much of the birds in Antartica besides Penguins of course, but I'm pretty sure they are talking about African Swallows in Monty Python.
i started the whole monty python bit....i was just going off on a tangent. Tongue
We just watched the movie on Monday and Tuesday in Drama class, so I do believe it was African and European swallows, but Monty Python: Quest for the Holy Grail is just plain out hillarious, the horses own out of all and the Knights of the Round Table just kicks serious but, but the lego version on the DVD is better I find
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