Full Version: Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
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I know this thread was inactive for almost a year, but I thought...what the heck, this would be fun if we could get enough people to work on it.

There's an online adventure game or whatever you want to call it called Kingdom of Loathing. I was thinking....how hard could it be to make something like that in qbasic, freebasic, or Flash? I know nothing about networking or saving player data or whatever via the web, but I'm sure one of you does. Would anyone be interested in making something like this?
this is now a couple years now, lol, but I am in the process of creating and RPG using  MS paint graphics or stuff of the same sort. I have an engine that allows a character to move around the world and an editor that allows me to create maps to add to the world. I'm using the SDL library to preform my graphics and movement. It's very basic right now and the graphics aren't the best, but I have it working. If anyone wants to join, I'd be happy to have some help
OMG how did you even find this thread lol.  Glad you did.  I'd be happy to help.  Though I must admit I'm a senior in college and don't have a ton of time to dedicate to this till summer.  What language are you using?
lol, this was actually on the top of the list when i looked. I'm in high school and have way too much time to work on this, at least according to my friends. This is actually for a school project and I have two friends who are suppose to be helping, but they don't know much of SDL. I am using freebasic with SDL libraries. it's kinda rinkidy and still basic, but for what I've learned from doing this, I'm amazed at what I've done. I plan on working on this even after its due in about a week, but I could definitely use help. I could also use a good graphic artist because as u may notice, I'm no computer artist. Anyway, Ill try send u the code and If I can access, I'll send the files with pics and data through ur email if u have that up. I look forward to seeing what u think and what u can do. Thanks Big Grin
Sorry, didn't realize that I had my e-mail hidden but now it isn't.  I don't know much about SDL either, but send what you've got so far and I'll see what I can do.
Aight, I'll try to send you the files when I'm back on, probably sometime tomoro after school. I actually found today some graphics and sounds that would be awesome to use. Only problem will be that if we use them, I'll need to change my layout, but it should follow the same engine, just a different grid. I'm not an expert at SDL, but I found some tutorials and manual that ill also send u. U may get multiple emails with the different parts cause it may be too big to send at once. Thanks man, this rocks.
PS: you can laugh at my graphics if u want, especially once u compare them to the ones online, lol. Yea, I know they look gay, but my art is programming, not drawing, at least not on the computer. They probably could be better, but my teacher was fine with them and we needed to move on anyway, lol. Anyway, I'll send u the files and u can tell me what u think, and don't hesitate to criticise cause I'm still a beginner and really want to be better
And we don't have to do "every possibility".there is a much easier way of doing things....

what do you mean, "every possibility"?
Hey all (if anyone still exists),

I was browsing around on my webspace and found some really old files from this thread. Anybody interested in starting this up again for the fun of it? :3
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