Full Version: Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
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Quote:i think it should be a secret Microsoft island......lol

Maybe Washmond, Reddington. . .
Microsoft Island sounds good, but keep coming up with them..., these are good...
Use the Robocop alternative.

Online Consumer Products.
I know! Windows RG would be perfect!
Well, maybe we should go with that then. Anyone disagree?
Alright let's start with a basic story, so we all know what we want to do.
Well, it may be good to design a system, then base a story on the limitations of the system - so if we can't, for instance, open a door, then if the story requires it, we're sunk (yes, that was a bad example)

but if we devise what you can and cannot do, it would be very helpful

I like to start and see where it goes from there. That way if a sudden idea comes, you don't have to worry about limitations and such. Like if you allow yourself only 5 options per room or whatever and you have say, 4 different directions you can go and 4 items to view or pick up....... then what? I don't know, is that what you mean? Space is not a problem, I know how to save and load variables if we run out of space on the document we're using.

Well, anyway, lets start out with at least a basic story, ok?
ok - i don't have alot of strength in story lines (Even though, suprisingly i'm a good english student)

OK, so maybe we could start the story as you starting out as a programmer for Apple.... or maybe a spy for Apple and your jet is shot down over an island owned by Microsoft....
How does that sound?
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