Full Version: Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
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I don't see any difference in the programming...
I just dont care for qb that much. Considering why would I use it if there's a better program out there that (like you said) is the same to program in.
True, what makes it better though, graphics?(just wondering).
i don't mind whether it's qb or FB...FB would be more portable, and it would have a few shortcuts, but QB would be a joyful challenge that I wouldn't mind tackling either

Why not make it *compatible* for both? Only use keywords availible in both QB & FB, and syntax should work out.
Quote:True, what makes it better though, graphics?(just wondering).
that... and the fact that it doesnt have to be a dos window. I like being able to use fbide.
I don't care what we use. If you want to use FB, just tell me a site where I can download it.

If you have any problems with it, I'm *fairly* profficent in it (some libs I ahven't used yet, so i don't know), but it's almost exactly like QB, noly win compatible.....shouldn't be any problems whatsoever

ive been thinkin about making one of those but havent goten around to it.
then join in on the project.

i have no idea what anyone else is doing, but i'm sure we can figure things out.

another person working on it will make things nice


* a few minutes later *

Ok, well, since i don't know what's going on, I decided to start coding a FB core for the program...

what commands would we implement?
Right now i have: Take, Break, Push
I know that there's many different things we could add..

any suggestions or comments would be good

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