Full Version: The official results of the FB Ultimate Demo Compo are in!
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In my first FreeBASIC demoscene compo that many of you have just witnessed, I now announce the official results of the entry demo(s) as well as the winner of the Grand Prize, all for the original theme of “The QuickBASIC Demo Strikes Back!” for this very gala indeed.

Please be sure to check them out now beginning at http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj/fbgfx/compo.html. Thank you so much!!
Excellent, that is awesome news :-). Congrats to the winner, awesome demo if I do say so myself. Good decision on no accepting entries sent after the deadline, gives to participant a first taste of what deadline really is ;-). In the corporate world, a deadline is the el facto of software development :-).

Maybe next compo, they'll rush it just a tad more to make the deadline ;-).


yeah, that demo was pretty tight
That demo is really nice. Sorry to hear you only had one entry. I would have made an entry, as I'm sure others would, but I'm really busy with some rather large projects at the moment, as most other FB coders are. Wink
To Dr_Davenstein:

That is perfectly alright, my man. That is perfectly alright. Big Grin

I mean, hey, even with only one entry sent, I am honestly happy with that myself because it is better than having just no entries throughout the whole compo, you know? Wink=b

And my, when I do come up with a new theme for my next FreeBASIC Ultimate Demo Compo, I am *sure* that you would be more and more ready when the next go-around comes, huh? Cool

Thank you so much for your time today, Dr_Davenstein, and be seeing you now.

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