Full Version: I need to talk to someone who'll change something for me.
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Pehaps you could be a little bit more specific in your request.
Also, "Well" denotes a rude stance (that is probably not intended) that might cause those who you seek to ignore your request, when you finnaly state it.
Well, my smilies are still blocked from the last guy who controlled the forums. And I want to change the thing that says "Senior Member" to "Random Words are Dubious".

For smileys, goto your profile and switch on the "Always enable Smilies:" to "Yes"..

For your rank, PM Sumo Jo and request it...

Quote:For smileys, goto your profile and switch on the "Always enable Smilies:" to "Yes"..

I doubt its just as simple as that. Wildcard actually disabled his smileys.

And besides, im not sure if he deserves having em anyway. Wildcard disabled them for good reason.
Oh.... Now I remember,... :roll:

huh? wha? we have smilies. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
what gives?
does this apply to j2krei08 only?
Quote:does this apply to j2krei08 only?
Yes...he must have been a very bad boy. Tongue Tongue Tongue

Wheeeeeeeeee :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Those poor smilies!
Will someone please think of the smiles?
@ Dio & NecrosIhsan: Yes, he used to abuse them in every odd post, and it agrivated a lot of people here..
/\ Results of his first few post before his smiley rights where removed..
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