Full Version: FBIde 0.4.3 released
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it’s been a while again since last update -but hopefully the time spent is worth! Here’s the changelog
Version 0.4.3
   * Added Compilation now takes place through FPP extender ( Eric Cowles )
   * Added several help file shortcut's into help menu ( vongodric )
   * Added Context help via wiki. ( vongodric )
   * Added Status text of compilation progress into statusbar and tittlebar( vongodric )
   * Fixed bug with opening illegal tab. ( F9 ) ( vongodric )
   * Fixed fbide now tries to detect FBC on it's own -before asking the user ( vongodric )
   * Fixed seperators in toolbar ( vongodric )
   * Fixed several syntax highlighting errors ( vongodric )
   * Fixed FBIde no longer empties it's clipboard apon exit ( vongodric )
   * Changed FBIde is now compiled with wxWidgets 2.6.2 ( vongodric )
   * Changed New indent mopdule -faster, smarter. ( vongodric )
   * Changed Console area is now resizeable using splitters ( vongodric )
   * Changed '$ - is now recognised as preprocessor statament ( vongodric )
   * Changed Cleaned up keywords, added missing ones ( vongodric )
   * Changed New nicer looking about dialog ( vongodric )
   * Changed Single mouse click in SFBrowser will go to selected S/F ( vongodric )
Few words about this release:
It has a new ( hopefully ) better installer wich for example allows you choose components to be installed and to associate .bi and .bas files with fbide.
Compilation is now done via FPP utility wich is metacommand extender for FB. see fpp.txt under help menu in FBIde.

Wiki support from within FBIde needs internet access -just press F1 while cursor is on the keyword you are looking help for. However be noted that not all keywords are yet documented.

Anyway I hope you like this release and give me all the feedback on bugs and etc.

You can grab it here
Just DLed and installed it, another great upgrade of everyone's favorite FB editor.
I esspecially like how FPP is built right into the editor. A really great addition.

I can't wait to download this and try it out!! :o
The F1 feature is genius. Would be nice if it opened in a subwindow inside FBIde though.
Quote:The F1 feature is genius. Would be nice if it opened in a subwindow inside FBIde though.

or if you could choose the browser (instead of IE [windows], you could select opera or ff)