Full Version: ASCII Painter/Picture Lab 1.0 Released!
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Quote:To speedlemon:

The trick to saving your pictures in this program is to type the filename of the picture you are saving as, followed by the extension that you must type as well in order to get the save feature to work properly. Cool Apparently, the reason why the box changed from “save” to “open” at first was because it simply needed an extension name indeed (in this possible case, as an “.ASCII” file).

Try it and see, and I hope this works, man. Big Grin Be seeing you!

[Image: file.php?id=32]
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thanks AAP for that advice. it worked. sorry, i must've missed that in the maual.
*gets back to work on a new, better pic.
Yes, to better explian the needed .ASCII extention when saving: The GUI Opens directoies and Saves Files... w/o the extention it thinks you want to Open a directory. So an extention is needed to activate the Save option

The extention is best as .ascii, tho you can make your own. Just note you'll have to change the Files of Type to what you saved it as open it up agian... :wink: ... Or files of type to wildcard: *.* which shows all files in current directory...

And yeah, carfully reading the manual helps.. :wink:
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