Full Version: Guess this!!!
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Can you guess where my signature and picture came from? If you do, well, I don't know what I'll do. Perhabs a beer, maybe...?

And remember,"Whatever happens, happens..."
could it be... cowboy bebop? -_-

Why is this in the challenge forum?
im pretty sure it is cowboy bebop :bounce:
Cowboy Bebop, no doubt. Saw it a week ago Smile
Cowboy Bebop definitely, as others have said. As for the exact episode your quote is from, I'm thinking "Ganymede Elegy". I can't think of any other episode it would be from, unless they are talking about Faye Valentine, in which case it would take a devoted fan to name the exact episode from which the quote was taken.

Sorry for the long confusing sentence.
its cowboy beebop all the way. last time i saw that show was 4 years ago.