Full Version: Tile sets
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i would like to know if any one wants a challenge,
making basic tile's for a tile map editor.


this is what i have come up with but im a bit artistically challenged
(i think any way)

the tiles are 16x16 pixels made in screen 13
i have a mouse operated tile editor to use on my site(SOTT)

my purpose for this is to zip up my mapping utility with some ready made tile sets with it!

the tiles can be for in doors or out doors, castles or caves, what ever you can think of.

a good tile library,(better than that of RPG MAKER for PSone) is my goal. if any one wants to help it would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.
I thought the challenges index was kinda like for competition type challenges? I don't really see what the challenge is, besides just helping you make rpg type tiles. But naw, I don't really have time to help you right now. If you wish I could send you some tiles I made a while back.
Anyways, pm me if you want some of them.


a tile editor would be nice, have a saving and loading system so u can use the tiles with other programs by making the loading part either a part of code or a library. it woud be nice though
i have made both! a tile editor and map editor, you design the library in the map editor, my next step is an event editor!
for switching maps or treasures n stuff!
Do I smell the Scrolling Game Development Kit?
i guess it could be used for that to!
but my main idea for it is Rpg's!
You've never heard of the SG Dev Kit?
It makes any game that requires scrolling tiles, whether side view, top view, or 3/4 perspective(standard for RPGs, ex. Zelda).


Requires NO programming expiriance, a total idiot can make a game with this...
thynx for that link, ill chk it out, although i dont want to use otuside code, maybe ill chk it out and learn from it