Full Version: I have some compliments...
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I have to say that there are a few people i want to be noticed for being very helpful and nice

First is Neo, for much help and telling me not to worry about what others say, since I'm a newbie

Second is NecrosIhsan, for also helping

Thanks for helping me out,

~-~ :bounce: :rotfl: Charlie :bounce: :rotfl: ~-~


well, nice gesture here =) i hope you can get all your questions answered, just ask
That was thoughtful.. Smile

btw, a quick note,. Not eveyone uses the smartdark theme, so bright coloured text is hard for those on like subsilver, helius, ect.. :wink:

Happy coding.. ^_^
Praising Dave as being helpful.. thats new..

Maybe someone kidnapped the real Dave and replaced him with a inverted vampire alien cyborg ninja that shoots laser from it's eyes..


Oh, Dave = NecrosIshan aka Nodveidt aka Nekrosoda aka Adosorken akak lots of other names Tongue

I got it! Dave is trying to lure you close so he can devour your soul! Thats it! Flee youngling! Flee! Big Grin