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Yesterday the forum was "hacked" (i.e. using an old security flaw in phpBB 2) and the "hacker" was able to rearrange and move/delete the majority of posts. Although not all was lost, but at the moment the site and the database that it relies on is quite mixed up. I apologise to all for the current state, but hopefully everything should be back to somewhat normal shortly.
Hey WildCard,

I think you will get it as soon as possible. I'm very relieved to see QBNews working again.

And I think I speek for the whole Qmunity: Good Luck
Yeah. Someone should feel like a kind of hero now. I don't understand people doing such things. I really don't.

I hope the posts are not deleted.
Erm they might have bee... we were having trouble backing up the DB... as well, the hacker used the DB to post that message he had up. Sad
I hate hackers...
Oh my god...

Human beings have the ability of create... So why use our intelligence to destroy? Someone explain, please...

I've heard some epic and romantic chats about how hackers are in fact really intelligent people who fight for the freedom in the computer world and blah blah blah... Now I've realised that all that is a bunch of __shi t__ and that hackers are only jackasses who don't dare to go out and get a real life.

Did that bag of shit need to destroy the work we have been doing for years? Why? Does he feel better now? Did his penis increase its size?...

I am a peaceful guy but this time I feel like eviscerate someone with a wooden spoon inside a bath of lemmon juice.
Yeah, na_th_an, you're right. Those hackers are the greatest _mother_fuckers_ I've ever seen.
The people who did that are not hackers, they are just stupid teenagers without anything better to do. Let's build this all together. BYE!!
there are hackers that are pretty cool about it, take frognik for example who never changes anything and tells the administrator how he got in so it can be fixed. but then there are assholes that exist in society. the fact that some members of that group know security flaws in phpbb bothers me.
You should just get rid of all the posts, unless you can retreive most of them, because the board just looks weird now.
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