Full Version: New QBasic/FB Challenge
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Create a program that teaches:

QBasic with QBasic
FB with FB

EDIT: Must have user-interaction.
I'll give you... 5 days

P.S. My computer hates my programming programs... please make it an exe file.

Or just write a tutorial. What's the challenge?
You mean with the same BAS file?

Here's a start:
a = 1.3
IF a = 1 THEN
   ' a is an integer, this is FB
   PRINT "Welcome to the FreeBASIC tutorial"
   ' a is a single, this is QB
   PRINT "Welcome to the QuickBASIC tutorial"
Like that?
I think he means more like

PRINT "The print command displays the text entered on the screen. So PRINT "Hello World" will do this:"

PRINT "Hello World"