Full Version: TIKITAC is back
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Some of you may remember TIKITAC games. Most of you probably do not. It was once a pretty good QB site, it even got 4/5 stars at Petes. But then one day something terrible happened. The site was deleted from the Topcities server for no reason. One year later: the triumphal return!

The new URL is:

It is not yet complete, but a total overhaul is in the works.
yay popups..... :roll:

otherwise not too shoddy Smile
Half the images are dead, and it started JavaPlatform.. *glares*
I dont like sites that start that piece of bloated crap for no reason..

*kills java platform*
Yeah sorry everyone, I just put up the old version with tons of dead links while I work on the new version. And I'm almost positive the Pop-ups are coming from my web-counter.

Stay tuned!