Full Version: The Code Post is returning
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The once (kind of popular) Qbasic code post I ran a few years back is returning - this time adding FreeBasic to the list.

The code post is a forum driven site where programmers share their work with others. The main site is still being developed, but a temporary forum is up and running. Please take a look.


More languages will be added. Code packs will be assembled containing all contributing code posted and be available for download, if it gets that popular again...

Thanks to Fling-master for the flingforum.

Thanks to Plasma & phatcode.net for the hosting.

- Dav
Awesome news, Dav. Great work.
Sounds Great d=Smile
Thanks guys!

For those new-comers that what to see what the code post was all about,
You can download the last Qbasic source-code book right here...


It contains all the source code submitted before the site was closed - over 100 snippets in it.

No installation is required to view the code book. (Win9x and higher only)

- Dav