Full Version: Merging of QB and FB forums and post icons vote
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Basically some users have raised the idea to merge the qb and fb subforums into one group of subforums. This would reduce the number of forums people have to look through and make sure more people see a post and don't just get tired of looking through every forum. I agree with these thoughts, but I'm going to let the general forum population decide.

Also, the point was raised as to how we would distinguish between Fb and Qb posts. A post icon mod was brought up and some seem to like it while others don't. You can see examples of this mod at www.fbtk.net (I just put it in, so it's not all forums, but I filled the spam and general forums with them). Again I am letting the users vote on this.

The vote will last for about a week, depending on whether votes are still coming or they seem to be done. When the voting is over, the results will be what happens to this forum. You may also respond with ideas on this subject here or in the other thread.
I like the idea of merging them together....and icons are purrty...lol.
What exactly do you mean with "mergeall" forums?

There would still be separate Newbie help/Programming help
The way I read yt it would be something like:

QB an FB section:

QB/FB News

QB/FB Help

etc etc...
Exactly as MystikShadows described it. You'd have a general forum that would be both for QB and FB, a projects, etc. It's not just going to be one big forum for it all.
Better safe than sorry ^^. My vote is cast,
I like the forum as it is, merging wouldnt be bad but I deffinatly dont like the post icons idea.
Maybe if PhpBB allowed subforums....
what's wrong with the "view post since last visit" search? it works pretty well for me
as long as there is a way to identify a qbasic post BEFORE clicking it, I don't care. Otherwise I will answer all coding questions with freebasic since I don't even have qb to test it with. Tongue
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