Full Version: How do I change that thing above my pic?
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How do I change that thing that says "member"(or something like that if my rank changed tonight) right above my pic?
there are forms at the DVM. good luck.

or just ask Sumo Jo (PM)
First you have to apply for assitance at FEMA: http://www.fema.gov/register.shtm

Once you have that done, contact your local forum consultant and ask about title changes. There will of course be forms to fill out and you may have to take a drug test.

or like dio said, you could PM Sumo Jo
Quote:there are forms at the DVM. good luck.

or just ask Sumo Jo (PM)

DVM? I think you mean DMV my friend, lol.

DVM, hmm... Dumb Vucking Maniacs. Doomed Veto Membership?
I can change it.. but first..
Sign here: By signing above you agree that I am the one and true divine power, and that all rights to your soul, and all other worldly or otherwise posessions you might have, belong to me.


*signs* okay now what.. oh.. wait..


DMV pardon me. and it only took 2 months to correct myself.