Full Version: Number relation puzzle
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Take these three number sets.
Set #1:
087   010   008   053   723
Set #2:
079   017   009   040   824
Set #3:
094   071   006   010   980
Each number in each set has a distinctive name. The first number in each set is number A, the second is number B, and then C, D and finally E.
The challenge: write an equation that relates A, B, C and D, and holds true for all three sets.
Express the equation with A as the INDEPENDANT variable (alone on the left side).
E.g. A=((E*D)-B)^C (not actual equation!)
You can write a program in FB or QB to do it (which would be hard), or just solve it on paper.
The winner is the person who gets it first. If nobody gets it in a few days, I'll post more sets to work with for the process of deduction.
Good luck!
A = (E+D)/C - B

It took me approximately 15 minutes. The way I solved it is looking for constraints and odd/even combinations..

Good job, Aga!
Give me my reward then. :evil: :evil: :evil:
Or another puzzle.


OK, I'll work on another puzzle. Just be patient, little boy.