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I have recreated so you can post comments, complaints/etc here.
I have a site issue: I'm feeling surrounded by 1337 h4x0rz. [Image: biglaugh.gif]

Maybe what I need is a psychiatrist...
What does "1337 h4x0rz" mean? I am reading such alphanumeric combination a whole lot lately.
1337 h4x0rz => leet haxorz => elite hackers

Translating leetspeak has a whole methodic process behind it. [Image: biglaugh.gif]

On a side note, leetspeak is useless, pathetic and annoying. Specially translating it.
Aaah. I just wondered the whole last day what all these combinations of numbers and letters mean. Thank you
but there are too many dialects of l33t!
Quote:Sites Issues
Complimants, complaints, suggestions/etc can be posted here.

"Complimants" is spelled wrong.
Quote:"Complimants" is spelled wrong.
Just testing to see what time zone this forum is in...

Edit: EST + 5... should be GMT. ok.