Full Version: RPG Development Top 50 Sites
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I just recently opened up the RPG Development Top 50 Sites over at RPG-Dev.net. It's a top sites with only websites related to RPG development which are ranked by the votes that visitors give them (like most other topsites).

So if you've got a website that has something to do with RPG development then go on over and sign your site up!

QBasic/QuickBASIC RPG related websites are obviously included! Smile
Nice move Fling! Will the QbrRpgTop50 be replaced now?
I don't plan on replacing it. The QBRPG Top 50 is for another website altogether anyhow Wink
Cool idea...registered my site though it's not only about RPGs
I'll start a psudo rpg project so I can be on the list Tongue

Actually, Rico gave me this idea to make a turnbased strategy game... does that count?
As long as it has "RPG elements" to it. i.e. Characters gain levels, etc.