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I feel so special... it lets me post again!!!!!!!! :bounce:
Thats great, did you need to do anything?
Wildcard's alive!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
well, not really... I was just letting you know that I wasn't getting that error anymore. Wink
Ok, its good that you can again then ;-)

Megaman: I have been very much alive, but my internet connection hasn't.. its been very much non existant ;-)
lol, I dream of the day when we get DSL... wake up Josiah your still poor!!!! :roll:
Aah, that explains why you haven't been responding to me and Hex's "hints" about what to put in the email we get when we register with QBnews...
Quote:lol, I dream of the day when we get DSL... wake up Josiah your still poor!!!! :roll:

Tongue I have a 300K cable connection, and I am really poor Big Grin How much is a broadband connection in your place? Mine is just $32 a month.
$49 for DSL... (376k or w/e) and with modem rental, it's the same price for cable internet... and that's only if you have there cable service (TV) and we do... but I don't think there cable is over 200k... I'll look into soon, my Dad tells me he'll get me DSL if I update his site for free... ( http://www.thebridgeradio.com ) I've been mean and have been charging him! :bounce: but hey, I have to make money somehow!
Charging him??? I should do that for each time my family barges onto my computer and demands to read their email... But then they'd start charging for power :roll:
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