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At long last, QB Express #19 has been released!

This issue has information about the upcoming Qlympics 2006, as well as a great collection of tutorials and article -- weighing in at over 300KB of text alone.

Tutorials this month include "Tree Tutorial: Parts 5 and 6" by Syn9, "A FreeBasic Memory Leak Detector" by DrV, the second Text Parsing by Imortis Inglorian, a tutorial on Data Representation and Manipulation by Rick Clark, "How To Program A Game With FreeBASIC - Lesson #1" by Lachie Dazdarian and "MIDI Programming Part 2: Data Structures And Timing Formulas" by MystikShadows.

Articles this month include a review of lurah's "Bungy The Worm" by MystikShadows; an editorial called "Can't We All Just Get Along?: Team Programming Projects" by Imortis Inglorian; an in-depth article entitled "FreeBASIC - Restrospect, Review and Prognostic" by MystikShadows, "QBasic Tetris Games" by Lachie Dazdarian; an article by Nick Verlinden on his "Multi Processing Core for QB" and the second edition of "Apostrophe: News From The QBasic Forum" by mennonite. Plus Horse Humor comics by Rattrapmax6 and the debut of a new comic called "Stickblob" by Tunginobi. Finally, the Gallery this month features an in-depth look at Stormy's RPG called "Mystic World".

You can find all this and more in QB Express #19!
Wow - what an issue! Jam packed. Great job, again, pete!
That makes me smile Tongue Looks like a great issue, I'll have to read it after class.
Really cool issue! One thing I must ask though, where did "blast from the past" go?
I don't really have time to write "Blast From The Past" the articles anymore....the first few issues, those took hours to write / research, and these days, I'm more concerned with just getting the issues out.

But if someone else wants to take over the column, be my guest!
About half way through, there's an empty section that just says 'TITLE' Tongue

What an issue though! Nice :bounce:
Great issue as always(how original).

BTW, you forgot to fix the link to move_circle.zip file in my "How To Program A Game With FreeBASIC" article and I warned you about this. Oh, well.

The file is on your server. Just the link in the article is not right:


Hmm...maybe I shouldn't have brought this up. I know how busy you are.