Full Version: Hello Kitty Mini-Game (Now With a No-Sound Version)
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Hey there! I'm Pritchard. A lot of people here might know me, and a lot might not. Just introducing myself to QbasicNews.com!

Here's a Hello Kitty game I made for X_Toaster_X. She's around 20 and has cancer. I really wanted to make her a game just because she's a nice person. Tell me what you think and tell me if the exe has the kitty icon ^_^;;

Note, You need winzip or winrar to use these files:

http://fileanchor.com/22967-d - Hello Kitty.rar
http://fileanchor.com/22968-d - Hello Kitty.zip

No Sound:

http://fileanchor.com/23014-d - Hello Kitty.rar
http://fileanchor.com/23015-d - Hello Kitty.zip

Source-Code (To compile, download normal version above, then paste .bas in Hello Kitty main folder. Compile ^_^;Wink: http://fileanchor.com/22986-d


* SJ Zero cries at Prichards story.
Yeah, I hope she gets well.

99 thumbs up!
Thanks! Big Grin Oh btw, that's her avatar in the screenshot in case anyone is wondering.

See. FreeBASIC does help people ^_~
FileAnchor seems to be down. :-?

Quote:Yeah, I hope she gets well.
I completely agree (?) with that.
By the way: What's the correct expression to say that I think/feel the same as another person? In German it's "sich jemandem anschließen" (~ to join somebody's opinion)
"Agree" sounds strange in this context. Sorry for my piteous English skills...

Fileanchor's down ^_^;;

To share feelings with another in English: sympathize

Definitions of sympathize on the Web:

* share the feelings of; understand the sentiments of
* be understanding of; "You don't need to explain--I understand!"
* commiserate: to feel or express sympathy or compassion
Thanks for the info! Smile
"agree" worked just fine in that sentence ;) perfect english.
Why I can't download the version with the sound? Links don't work. No sound version is downloadable.
Quote:Why I can't download the version with the sound? Links don't work. No sound version is downloadable.
File anchor messed up I guess...Let me re-upload and get all set.
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