Full Version: Quickbasic frappr map.
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I write this here too, to make it known Smile

There was one for freebasic but not for quickbasic (and the freebasic map is preety much unpopulated Tongue)

So I decided to open one! It would be interesting for me to see which places are populated the most by quickbasic sceners.


p.s. Also those who didn't know, here is the freebasic frappr map (http://www.frappr.com/freebasicforumusers). How come it has so few members while the scene is quite big?
Whooot! Lucky me. Who knew Plasma lived so close to me?
haha, you think your close, im practically right next to him Tongue
I'm there.. on the FB one
And I'm all by myself, down in the Lone Star State! I need company!

By the way, before signing in, the site showed four markers, and six members. Apparently, there are some markers with more than one member, but no distinction seems to be made. Strange... Maybe they could add the number each marker represents by showing that number inside the marker.
I'm alone in the sunshine state! Well, that means more chicks for meh! :rotfl:

EDIT: I'm going to post this up on the Qbasic.com forums. Really cool!