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challenge: make the awesomest mandelbrot renderer you can.

rules: must allow the user to manually input coordinates (via keyboard or just by pointing/dragging).
Can be done using any language.
You may post entries or email them to me...

In case you don't have any idea what the mandelbrot is or how it is rendered, the wikipedia article should satisfy all your curiousities:


- neuro
The coolest looking mandel render I have seen is this:


I like it so much I implemented the algo in a Julia set. :*)



Hey, that's a pretty nifty program. I came up with a java renderer, available as an applet or just run it via java:

(Source code available here:)

- Eric
Mine is FB
It uses derivatives for the coloring of the boundary points, that makes it slow, but results are interesting.
Use mouse to select a new region.
EDITED: Added variable amount of iterations depending on zoom
'Mini mandelbrot viewer by Antoni Gual 4/2006
'bounding box routine bt DJ.Peters
'HsvToRgb and coloring scheme by Jark
option explicit
#define maxx 800
#define maxy 600
#define hmaxx (maxx/2)
#define hmaxy (maxy/2)
#define frel (maxx/maxy)  

enum  rendermeths
end enum

type mdbrestype
   nit as double
   maxmod as double
   strip as double
   dea    as double
   par as integer
end type

dim shared as double zoomfact

type myrect
  as integer x0,y0,x1,y1
end type
sub DrawXorBox(byval x0 as integer,byval y0 as integer ,_
            byval x1 as integer,byval y1 as integer)
  dim as integer x,y,c
  if x0>x1 then swap x0,x1
  if y0>y1 then swap y0,y1
  for x=x0 to x1:c=point(x,y0):c=c xor &hffffff:pset(x,y0),c:next
  if y0<>y1 then for x=x0 to x1:c=point(x,y1):c=c xor &hffffff :pset(x,y1),c:next
  for y=y0 to y1:c=point(x0,y):c=c xor &hffffff:pset(x0,y),c:next
  if x0<>x1 then for y=y0 to y1:c=point(x1,y):c=c xor &hffffff:pset(x1,y),c:next
end sub
function boundbox (byval x as integer,byval y as integer) as myrect
  dim as integer newx,newy,oldx,oldy,button,sx,sy
  dim as myrect  r
  screeninfo sx,sy
  DrawXorBox x,y,oldx,oldy
  while button=1
    sleep 0
    getmouse newx,newy,,button
    if newx<0 or newy<0 or newx>(sx-1) then
      setmouse newx,newy
    end if
    if newx<>oldx or newy<>oldy then
      DrawXorBox x,y,oldx,oldy
      DrawXorBox x,y,newx,newy
    end if
  DrawXorBox x,y,oldx,oldy
  if r.x1<r.x0 then swap r.x1, r.x0
  if r.y1<r.y0 then swap r.y1, r.y0
  return r
end function
Function HSVtoRGB (byval Hue as single ,byval Sat as single,byval Value as single) as integer
' Converts a HSV colour definition into RGB values via exact trigonometry calculations.
' by Jark
CONST SQR12 = SQR(1/2)
CONST SQR16 = SQR(1/6)
CONST SQR23 = SQR(2/3)
CONST SatCoeff = 100/ATN(SQR(6))
CONST SatCoef = 1/SatCoeff
const pi=3.1415926#
CONST PiOver180 = pi/180
CONST PiOver2 = pi/2

dim red ,green ,blue
dim as single ur,vr,wr ,radius,angle,rdim

Angle = (Hue! - 150) * PiOver180
Ur = Value! * 2.55  
Radius = Ur * TAN(Sat! * SatCoef)
Vr = Radius * COS(Angle) * SQR12
Wr = Radius * SIN(Angle) * SQR16

Red  = Ur - Vr - Wr
Green  = Ur + Vr - Wr
Blue  = Ur + Wr + Wr

IF Red  < 0 THEN
    Rdim = Ur / (Vr + Wr)
    Red  = 0
    Green  = Ur + (Vr - Wr) * Rdim
    Blue  = Ur + 2 * Wr * Rdim
    GOTO Ctrl2  

IF Green  < 0 THEN
Rdim = -Ur / (Vr - Wr)
Red  = Ur - (Vr + Wr) * Rdim
Green  = 0
Blue  = Ur + 2 * Wr * Rdim
GOTO Ctrl2  

IF Blue  < 0 THEN
Rdim = -Ur / (Wr + Wr)
Red  = Ur - (Vr + Wr) * Rdim
Green  = Ur + (Vr - Wr) * Rdim
Blue  = 0
GOTO Ctrl2  

IF Red  > 255   THEN
Rdim = (Ur - 255) / (Vr + Wr)
Red  = 255  
Green  = Ur + (Vr - Wr) * Rdim
Blue  = Ur + 2 * Wr * Rdim

IF Green  > 255   THEN
Rdim = (255 - Ur) / (Vr - Wr)
Red  = Ur - (Vr + Wr) * Rdim
Green  = 255  
Blue  = Ur + 2 * Wr * Rdim

IF Blue  > 255   THEN
Rdim = (255  - Ur) / (Wr + Wr)
Red  = Ur - (Vr + Wr) * Rdim
Green  = Ur + (Vr - Wr) * Rdim
Blue  = 255  
function= RGB(Red%,Green%,Blue%)
end function
function calcmdb(byval xi as double,byval yi as double,byval maxit as integer,dea) as mdbrestype
  dim  as double maxmdb=0
  dim n=0
  dim r as mdbrestype
  dim as double xn=0,yn=0,mdbmod2,t,dx,dy,x,y,x2,y2,dxn,dyn
   x  = xn                                        
   y  = yn
   xn  = x2  - y2  + xi
   yn  = 2  * x  * y  + yi
   x2  = xn  * xn
   y2  = yn  * yn
   mdbmod2  = (x2  + y2 )
   if dea then
     dxn = 1 + 2 * (x * dx - y * dy)
     dyn = 2 * (x * dy + y * dx)
     dx = dxn: dy = dyn
   end if
   if mdbmod2 >maxmdb  then maxmdb =mdbmod2
   IF mdbmod2  >= 4  THEN EXIT DO
  loop until (n=maxit)

  r.par=n and 1
  if n>=maxit then
        x  = xn*xn  - yn*yn  + xi
        y  = 2  * xn  * yn  + yi
    r.strip =sqr((xn - x)*(xn-x) +(yn - y)*(yn-y))
  end if
  'this calc takes a 10% of the total rendering
  if dea then r.dea=LOG(MdbMod2)*SQR(MdbMod2 / (dx^2 + dy^2)) *zoomfact
end function
function shademdb(byval mthd as rendermeths,byval r as mdbrestype)
  dim as single h,s,v
  const limdea = 0.0057994   ' exp(-5.15)
  select case as const mthd
   case rndr_solar
    if r.nit=1 then
    elseif r.dea<=limdea then
     v=16 -4.2* log(r.dea)
   end if
  end select  
end function
function rendermdb(byval offx as double,_
                   byval offy as double ,_
                   byval xwidth as double,_
                   byval maxit,_
                   byval mthd as rendermeths)
dim i,j,dea=1
dim as double x,y,inc,x0,y0,c
dim as integer ptr videopage
if xwidth=0 then xwidth=4
if maxit=0 then maxit=100
'get complex coord of tl corner, and pixel increment

for j=1 to maxy
    for i=1 to maxx
    next i
  if (j and 15)=0 then
   screenunlock j-16,j
   sleep 0:
   if len(inkey$) then exit for
  end if
next j
end function
sub launchmandel(xc as double,yc as double,xw as double,its,mthd)
dim t!
windowtitle "x:"&xc &" y:"& yc &" Zoom:"&zoomfact
end sub

dim t!
dim x,y,b,its,oldits,rndr
dim as double xc,yc,xw,oldxc,oldyc,oldxw,d1,d2
dim r as myrect
screenres maxx,maxy,32

sleep 50
getmouse x,y,,b  
if b=1 then
  r= boundbox(x,y)
  xc=oldxc +oldxw/cdbl(maxx)*((r.x1+r.x0-maxx)/2.0)
  yc=oldyc -oldxw/cdbl(maxx)*((r.y1+r.y0-maxy)/2.0)
elseif b=2 then
end if
loop until len(inkey$)
That's pretty cool too, antoni:D

keep 'em comin...

On a side note, I lived in Malaga for several years as a child...
Did you enjoyed your stay in Malaga? It is one of the few cities in spain i have never visited..I live a thousand kilometers from there.

I have added a save to bmp and a coordinate input from the command line.
I would like to know enough assembler to optimize the inner loop, it becomes a little slow for deep zooms, as the nr of iterations increases.
I would like to make the coloring independent from the max iterations, it's a liitle ugly to have a zone in red in a view and have it green at the next view...

I will release it as a finished product when I'm happy with it.
Quote:Did you enjoyed your stay in Malaga? It is one of the few cities in spain i have never visited..I live a thousand kilometers from there.

Might I assume because it is an ugly tourist trap now? Filled with litter, bars and tourists? Or has it escaped that curse?
I did'nt said that. I just never have had an occasion of being there. My knowledge of the south of spain is limited to Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba.

Summer is warm enough in Barcelona, I prefer cooler places for my summer holidays. Big Grin
I know you didnt say that, I was just inquiring.

I was in Greece recently and was appauled at how the tourist industry had ruined what used to be a lovely Greek town, filled it with bars, nightclubs and cheap resturants selling British food (barely any Greek food to be found!). The place was dirty and crawling with (ugly) tourists, who were not caring for the place at all. It made me think the locals must be fed up with it all.

So It was just an inquiry :)
That's happening everywhere,t he flights have become affordable for everyone. Try Zanzibar...Big Grin
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