Full Version: We need the green "big grin" smiley...
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That smiley really rocks...

The green face with the really big grin, you all know which one Im talking about Tongue
You mean this one?

[Image: lousmile.jpg]

There was a bunch of smilies in the smilie directory that hadn't been added yet. I don't know if this was on purpose, but I added a bunch of them, including the mr green :mrgreen:
Quote:You mean this one?

[Image: lousmile.jpg]



Thanks, Zap :mrgreen:


haha in certain circles i may be known as "Mr. Green". =|
why don't we just put all of the smilies on the same page as the first 20 ones. i made a rant about this before. can't find it. :crying:
Like that?

*waits for people to start whining about bandwidth consumption*
*goes to reply to Zaps post, sees all the emoticons there, gasps! that's actully alot!*

well, i was going to say that people could choose to see all or have some hidden. which could still happen.


. . . . . .:lookdown:. . . . . .

:lookright: . . Confusedtar: . . :lookleft:

. . . . . .:lookup:. . . . . .
Confusedhifty: :king: Confusedhifty:
'/\' /\'./\
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