Full Version: Yet Another CHALLENGE!!!
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Hmmm, maybe it's not as good as the title suggests Wink

Anyways try this guys:

Who can write the quickest, easiest, fastest routine to save a 320x200 screen?


Qbasic 4.5 and ASM ONLY!

I guess that's it, LOL!
Why'd you take it down Dav? It was good (except for the lack of reloading-the-screen code Wink)
:oops: I was redoing it a little. Aww heck, here it is again...

The easiest, smallest way I can think of:

DEF SEG = &HA000
BSAVE "320x200.BSV", 0, 64000

- Dav

(you're quick Seph. I only had it up for a few secs)
Yeah I keep a sharp eye on my topics (when I'm not busy) Smile
SCREEN 7,,0,0

SUB SaveScreen
  PCOPY 0,1

SUB LoadScreen
  PCOPY 1,0

What do ya know...screen 7 is 320x200, and the code saves it to memory (Hey, you never said it had to be saved to a file....)

Damn you, got me on a technicality... Okay, FILES! Wink
then dav's solution is the one. to load it:

def seg = &HA000
bload "file.bsv", 0
Hmmm, perhaps I should look into my contests before I start them LOL