Full Version: A little friendly competition to liven things up ;-).
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Cool. More mags = good. Big Grin

I urled your link for you. (#4)
I agree with moneo. Even with the high quality QBE, pete is still usually begging every month for articles, so what are the chances of these new mags having any content? Or worse people who did contribute to QBE might start contributing to the new mags instead meaning a few crappy mags with hardly any content. I don't think theres enough people writing to fill all these mags.

I don't know if its a fair comparison, but it makes me think of fbtk. Sure it was a nice site, and the people on there did post good stuff, but there were only about 10 people there. After a while i stopped checking, as i felt if someone from there wrote something good, they'd probably post it at fb.net or here anyway.
two mags is great, assuming we can fill them Tongue
just curious! but is some thing happening about this project?
yup, there is progress, we're writing the first issue as we speak. we're also expecting some contributions as well. Could be a matter of weeks and the first issue will be out..

that's the plan so far, so soon, something should be available. look for it hehe.

ASCII-World http://www.ascii-world.com is where it wil lreside so that's proably where you can get the latest news and happenings ;-).
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