Full Version: A little friendly competition to liven things up ;-).
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As the subject says,

there's a new thing to look at, and a new thing to do Wink. The concept is a new magazine with a similar but different purpose and well, we figured that it might entice the community to push towards more action Wink.

You want details? go right here:

See you there Smile. and let's all rock this joint Wink.

Do we need another magazine to compete with QBE? Why not support and enhance QBE?

As far as supporting QBE, I hope I've made clear so far that I do support it (and most definitaly will continue too), they idea of the magazine isn't to try to replace QBE at all. I alread have a submission for pete, a letter to the editor is coming, and another submission ;-). I don't plan on changing that rithm for QBE anytime at all including newsbriefs (which I must admit I slacked a bit, but I'll pick that rithm up too).

I know Pete can get busy too at times (last few months showed us that) so I offered to help with the editing as well I don't believe I ever got a reply, so I've concluded he wants to do that part himself (which I can understand since he wants to be sure it's atleast to his expectations :-) ).

(if you read the details) sure it's a BASIC magazine, so yes, freebasic, QB, falls into it, but so does many other basics like BCX, XBasic, UBasic RapidQ, B++ BLOC and others that right now don't have a magazine. But do have a userbase/atleast semi community ;-). But since I knew I'd be falling into QBE territory (atleast partly) well, I figured that while I'm at it, let's liven things up a bit :-). There's different users there in those other basic forums and some are quite big (couple 1000s of members) so I want to take a crack at that field and see what happens there ;-).

That's really all there is to it ;-)...

You make some vaiid points. However, my opinion is that a new spinoff magazine could only hurt QBE.

little competition never hurt anybody imo.
Personally, I don't think it would be too much of a problem. Although I do kind of think that one magazine is enough for such a small community (let's face it, it's not huge).

Might I ask why people will write articles for this but nobody would for my Wiki? :wink:
I'm glad this magazine is starting up! Anything that helps breathe life into the collective BASIC scene is good in my book.

And don't be worried that "PCOPY" will take away content from QB Express. It may be true to an extent, but in the past, the more magazines there have been, the more writers have popped up to fill them.

Just look at the productivity of the QB mag scene way back in 1998 / 1999 / 2000. There were like ten different mags published during that time period, a lot of them overlapping, and all of them managed to find enough content to pump out issues.
Quote:Just look at the productivity of the QB mag scene way back in 1998 / 1999 / 2000.
I wanted to start a www.freebasicnews.net with a magazine but I ended up not doing it ;_;

I don't have the needed expertise to manage the site, but I've been wanting that domain made by *someone* who could do it forever.

I prefer www.freebasic.net for the proper FB forum to use, but FB.net doesn't have the tutorials and everything like my plans for a www.freebasicnews.net would have.

It would be a mixture of Petesqbsite, Qbasicnews, and freebasic.net.
You should definitely make freebasicnews.net. The more sites, the merrier.

At the moment, QB Express is the only site that really covers FB news. All the rest of the news sites rely on people to actively submit the news to the site. Nobody else just goes out, finds the news and reports on it.
just to let you know i would support all of that!
and help in any way i could!

and no offence to Qbasicnews at all!
but a freebasic news would rock!
also a freebasic newsletter!
freebasic has blown all previous basics out of the water
and i think that there should be more about it online!
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