Full Version: PCOPY! Issue 10 (first issue) now available.
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The question is if anyone would want to spend time reading low-quality articles, when they could go do something else. I know I wouldn't.

Maybe what we need is a tutorial/guide on how to write proper articles :b
Actually... that's not a bad idea! Big Grin
Cool! Reading through it fully now (as opposed to just skimming through it as I did the first time Tongue ), looks like another great mag alongside QBE. Of course, not being a coder I suppose I can't fully appreciate the tutorials, etc (apart from staring and drooling in dumbfounded awe at even the simplest examples), but the news, reviews, articles etc. are still a great read.
Nice job!

EDIT: Mystikshadows: Just a note, it's Josiah (as opposed to Josia) and cha0s (as opposed to chaOs). Figured I'd point that out. :b
Quote:3.- The neverending QB/QBasic confusion.

The article 'Hey, this is gonna give some programmers a heart attack' Wrote:BASIC has been around 4 awhile. It's how I started. It makes a complete novice able 2 do cool things. There are 2 good choices.

Need I say more? Again, I know you want to be all "open" and stuff, but that^ is just lame. Especially because sometimes the numbers (like 2) are used BOTH as numbers AND for being "cool". Seriously. Publishing an article like that really gave the magazine a notch down for me.

I second that motion... it gives the article an unofficial feel. However, the whole "This is gonna give some programmers a heart attack" was almost right, but it gave me more of a headache than a heart attack...
grey pixelated system font size 18, 40 character max width a la BASIC/GW-BASIC/BASICA for the articles please!

Because I dont want the pages I read to look like DOS.
oh so much nicer! Big Grin
I enjoyed seeing the news for all different forms of BASIC.

i.e. JustBASIC ,darkBASIC and coolBASIC, etc.

I had never even heard of justBASIC.... :normal:
Nice Job. The magazine layout is really appealing, and incredibly well designed. The articles were interesting too. I liked how you mentioned that you weren't competing with Qbexpress, which is a good attitude to take. Pcopy rocks!
Thanks jb,

But yeah that's the idea...pcopy will probably overlap with QBE a bit because well all editors are QB/FB coders ;-)....But contributors will also make sure other basics are covered. And so will I :-)...if not anything else, what I write about I try to make simple to use in other basics.
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