Full Version: QB Express #22 Deadline
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Yep, it's already that time of the month! Submissions for QB Express #22 are due in a little under a week.

QB Express #22 Deadline: August 15th

And as usual, we're running short on content. So far, I have received a grand total of 3 articles, 2 letters to the editor and 0 tutorials. Not good.

But it's not too late! I'm looking for TUTORIALS first and foremost, and also game reviews (someone out there's got to have an opinion on Lynn's Legacy)...and anything else that you folks want to write about QB/FB. I'm also in need of news briefs (keep us informed!) and I still haven't found a game for this month's gallery. In short, we're behind but not in dire straits.

Submissions can be emailed to: pberg1@gmail.com

Thanks everyone. Hopefully I'll be hearing from you soon!
I'm writing an article/tutorial of sorts - it's about halfway done.

I also know I have two half-finished game reviews around, but I can't find them :-?
Okay, it's the sixteenth, and we're still a bit short on content. Since my last post, I've gotten two tutorials, three comics, a few letters to the editor and about three more articles... a respectable lot of submissions, but it's quite a bit less content than normal.

However, I have gotten a slew of messages from people telling me they have partially-finished articles and need a few more days.


QB Express #22 Deadline: Extended to August 25th

Ten more days to get stuff in! Meanwhile, this gives me time to enjoy my final week in Los Angeles, and then drive across the country back to New York. Issue #22 should be out toward the very tail end of August.

As always, you can send your articles to: pberg1@gmail.com
Six days left!

Let's get those submissions in, guys!
So where is it?

This was months ago...
Well, Pete did post on FB.net three days ago, so I'm assuming he's still around to some extent, just really busy. Or something.
Next issue is coming, no doubt but peoples are busy these days. Just got to wait. Alltho, i hate waiting :lol:


He hates all of you! :bigsmile:
That would explain the grimace on the dwarf.