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Wildcard, I don't know how much control you have over the forum... but if posible (timewise) Wink I think it would be cool to have a place on the side (when messages are posted) like under location, to have an age section... I'm rather curious about how old some of the people here are!
Hoooo boy, you've done it now... :wink:

We already have had 2 or 3 poll threads about people's ages, but the recent two were both locked after a while. You'll just have to hunt through the General section, and look at my one, I posted mean and standard deviation of ages in mine.
we need a permanent age poll.
lol, I'm sure there's been age "polls" !!! annoying if you ask me! I think what I said up there is a good idea, but whatever! ;-)
Simple idea: just add your age to the profile, ie: besides Occupation. Something like:

Quote:Student / 15 y.o.

And you check that info simply by clicking the "Profile" button located at the end of every post.

On the same topic, if for some reason it's imperative to add a new field, is always better to reuse the existing fields on the database than adding new ones. So (another simple idea) wildcard/dav could reuse the Interests field, simply renaming the caption "Interests" to "Additional Info". Just a thought. 8)
simple idea, but seems to be a good one! :bounce:
Thanks. Now do the first step...
Which is all very nice, but it would be tedious to go through looking at everyones profiles if you want an average age... Someone suggested it just be a sticky post in the General forum, and both the age threads got locked, so maybe it ain't worth bothering about...
Um, who cares? We're all lonely teenage males except for the old sages like Glenn and Blitz.
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