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Ive wanted to do this for a while, but I havn't goten around to it. I decided, since i'm starting, lets see what everyone else comes up with. Just post it up here, and the person with the least lines is the CHAMP! No time limit. Ready, set, go!
Yeah I was sorta supposing that some one already did it.
It was a good idea though...
is there a cryptoquote solver in PQB?
Well, this one is a little different. He wants a solver that has the least lines in the code.

You should define what you mean by solver, though. For instance, I could just post say a pre-set board and then then print result after a key was pressed and call it a solver...
I was talking about a solver where you input the prewriten numbers and it fills in the empty spaces.
Yeah, needs more originality. Add some sort of rule or try a different puzzle game altogether...
hmmm... but that is a sudoku solver not slover! :lol: :rotfl:
sudoku's lover? :p
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