Full Version: AAP Official Projects Squad has an important announcement.
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Ever since I was first working on the Dragon Dancer project and getting it ready for the previous update on my site, the AAP Official Projects Squad has suffered from a total lack of updates in August 2006 due to the fact that I was actually disconnected from the internet beyond my control! And that is the very reason I have just updated my site tonight with a brief but *very* important announcement, so read it here beginning at http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj/, ok please?

Thank you all, and God bless!!!
Cool... I was wondering what happened to you. Wink
You ignoring me, Adigun?

Oh, well. Glad you are back. Hope you will have the time to check that game some guy made using AFLib 2. Hint-hint.

EDIT: 10 MB for Dragon Dancer demo?!? You bloaty bastard! Tongue Downloading it.