Full Version: Moth Wing Mountain
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Original song I made for a compilation project at another forum I visit.

I wrote and recorded all of it today in one sitting-- random burst of inspiration, I guess. I found a huge dead moth lying by my guitar right before I started recording (I can't stand moths), hence the odd name.

It's meant to sound very Devin Townsend-esque. If you've heard his Ocean Machine album the sound and style should be familiar-- Open C, lots of layering, reverb, and delay... and plenty of background ambience/samples. Enjoy if you so choose. Tongue
Nice. What are you going to do with it? Tongue
Not much. It was made specifically for this compilation thingy when I was requested to make a song for it, so that's probably about it. :b
Do you mind if we use it in a game then?
Quote:Do you mind if we use it in a game then?
Who's 'we,' and what game? Tongue
I'd have to ask the fellow who's organizing the compilation, actually.
Rel, Rattra and myself are the we, and the game is Project K.A.R.T. I'm not exactly sure which level we would use it on, (maybe even the intro) but I really like it. Big Grin

What exactly is the compilation project? You are the only musician playing on that track, right?
Well, I wouldn't have a problem with it so long as credit was given (obviously), though I still have to check with the guy organizing it. And yeah, I'm the only one playing on the track, I'm just not sure if the songs for the compilation are 'allowed' to be used elsewhere, though I doubt it'll be a problem. Just have to be sure.
Nope. Credit would be given to caveman Ogg, inventor of music. :lol: