Full Version: Shisa dog
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[Image: shishidogcolor.jpg]

The mythilogical shisa dog of okinawa is said to protect the temples, gravesites, castles, and recently homes of many of the ryukun people. When i was growing up in okinawa, i always found them to be fascinating and sacred. So i decided to draw this as a tattoo i will be getting over my chest either this week, or next week. that way there, no matter where i go, i will have protection. traditionaly there are two. one with a mouth open to take in all spirits, and one with a mouth closed to only keep the good spirits. i might end up getting another one on my chest sooner or later. but for now, just this one. i'll post a picture of it right after i get the tattoo.
You are getting very skilled at drawing Japanese style! Wow.

I thought you were gonna get this one: http://forum.qbasicnews.com/viewtopic.php?t=12123 ?
i am. but not just yet. i don't have the money for it cause last time i got that priced it was over 500. this one is just a small one in celebration of my 18th birthday. when i get the other one you'll know, cause i'll have pictures of it everywhere Big Grin