Full Version: Brainfreeze internal beta 2 released
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This is not a public beta. Don't critisize. More of a very slow work in progress. Wink
How do I compile it? I tried compiling all the bas files in /data/bin, but was getting lots of errors.


Well i got that code to compile, but then the resulting binary did nothing, looking through the source, i couldn't find any module level/main code
Er, unpack as is and run the exe...

Ignore the source, I have the main module.
I can't run the exe, i'm on linux.

And you do know that if you distribute something, even as an alpha/beta/testing, under GPL, the sources must be present/available right?

Richard Stallman would come to your house and lay the smack down, and suffocate you with his beard if he found out.
I am aware of what GPL2 requires. I have the code here of course. I will update the zip to include the main module and a new theme, which seems to screw up somewhat.

Will get back to you.
Reykjavik is more northerly than Helsinki Tongue
Looks interesting, but I can't help you improve it because obviously I can't criticise :roll:
I did end up updating the zip that day and uploading it, but as usual got sidetracked in reality and did not announce it. It has come to my attention that the file was updated, so now I am announcing it.

Same place, click the link above and recompile. If you need further assistance let me know. I do not run Linux, therefore won't support it personally. I have spoken with MystikShadows as he is running Linux partly, and can't wait to see it finished. I am hoping he will be the Linux support guru.

Thank you for your criticism.