Full Version: My first FB Project
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Today I opened my site darkangel_12.t35.com wich is dedicated to my first FreeBASIC cRPG. Theck it out!

P.S. Sorry for my bad English (I am from Ukraine).

You can download tech Demo of the cRPG engine at darkangel_12.t35.com
The link is dead. Make it clickable and test it yourself first.
The link is not dead(checked) I made it clickable Smile(Sorry for bad English)
Images wont load when opening screenshots page. Please fix, i wana see them Smile
I checked Screenshots page and it is ok. I don't know what is wrong. (There are two screenshots of the engine demo, not much to see just now.)
They don't load with me either.
If you looked at the source you'd see the screenshot actual locations. For some reason the site's adding %5C to every \ after the main URL. It's supposed to be /, isn't it? Weird. Anyways.

Reasons for this? Probably coder's fault. \ and / behave differently over here. The browser's converting them I think.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:
Sorry, my mistake. I fixed links on ScreenShot page and checked them.
Thanks! They work now over here Big Grin
Aha! I knew I recognized that sprite! :bounce: