Full Version: Rain Simulation for $20
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Hello there everyone. I have created a rain simulator. It's not the greatest thing in the world, but all of my computer-illiterate friends think that it's absouletely amazing. Here's how it went down: Eric was asking me, nay, begging me: "Make rain!!" I kept telling him I didn't have time or whatever other excuse I could come up with, until finally I broke down and did as he asked. Here is the finished result, in .SCR format so that it can be inserted into WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 to use as a screensaver. Yep. So basically it took me one hour to make.. and Eric gave me $20 for it. So that means I just made $20 an hour. That's pretty sweet.

That is pretty sweet. Do you have the source though, I'd like add a few things and maybe actually use it as a screensaver. I'm thinkin variable wind, strength and a background.
1. Your link isn't working.

2. How do you make a .scr screensaver?

3. Can you make a screensaver play an AVI?
I'm into Blender, and I'd like to make a screensaver out of some of my anims.
I can answer 2 and 3:

2) Rename the .exe to .scr and use -s gui to remove the command prompt
3) Look for ways to play .avi's using FreeBASIC. Since a .scr is a renamed .exe that's all they is too it Big Grin
There's more to it than just renaming the exe to scr, although that is one step...might wanna look this stuff up. Big Grin
It'll work as a screensaver if just renamed Tongue

It's just if you wanna get it to preview that you have to do a bit (read lot) more Smile
heh... reminds me when i created a particle engine last year and made it make rain, snow, fireworks and a fountain. They were shocked. Tongue

it's a bit flickery, but the lightning and puddles are a very nice touch. Smile
I tried a while ago to get a QB program to work as a screensaver. It didn't work when I renamed it.
Um... it IS my laptop's screensaver, and all I did was go into command prompt and say "rename rain.exe rain.scr" and then copy it into windows/system32 and it works....

I know it's a bit flickery; but that's okay with me. I have the source on my laptop, so I'll post it sometime when I'm on my laptop again Wink. Overall, it was a pretty easy $20.
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