Full Version: QBASIC-like IDE, written in FB
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I'm writing a QB-like IDE for FB. It is by no means complete; however I have most of the code I need for a barebones IDE. If anyone wants to help, post a message here.

I'll be a beta tester. I've been waiting a long time for this.
That'd be nice.
I'll gladly beta test, I'm all up for an old style IDE. I'm sure it will be very fast hich would be nice. Can't wait for first Beta.

C'mon, people, I could always use a hand. I'm a very busy man, and I'd like to get .01b out by Christmas.

New forums: http://qblide.16.forumer.com/

Post your questions, concerns, etc. there. People who are interested in the project and/or want to contribute should sign up.