Full Version: You should open it up to unregistered users
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Hey, this is a great site, I've learned a lot here, and the community is very helpful indeed.

My only complaint is that , in my opinion, you should let unregistered users check out the forum's contents. I'm betting that a lot of would-be posters just go elsewhere because of this. It's just a guess though. Keep up the good work.
Ya, we should. It was done originally because some search bots where eating the bandwidth out of us, but since we've taken other meassurs aswell to cover us from that, there should be no problem in reopening for guests.
Quote:I'm betting that a lot of would-be posters just go elsewhere because of this.

Yeah. Including spam bots like the ones that have been plaguing QBNZ.
I think he means open for viewing. Atm guests can't even see the forums, iirc.
Then why would he say "would be posters"?
Yes, I meant open for viewing, but if a person can't see the quality of the forum, it's even more unlikely that such an individual would take measures (registering) to become a full-fledged poster. I can tell you that I originally registered simply because the site was reputed to be the most active; the first gut feeling I had when I encountered the forum was something along the lines of: "shit, this crap doesn't even become visible to unregistered users, I'm outta...", but fortunately I decided otherwise.
The forums should be viewable and readable for guests now.