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Now when everyone thought it's gone and forgotten, it's back.
After remaking of www.ascii-world.com we had bit time for this and now it's there.
Go and see PCopy #20

From The Editors
Neat BASIC Projects and News

Articles & Editorials
Interview with Jukka Lavonen
Brutus2D 1.6 : Innovation
The Evolution of Your Userbase
About SmallBASIC
Lesser-Known Basic Languages

Brutus2D Vs. BASIC
Windows A.P.I. - A Complete Study Part II
FreeBASIC syntax colors for GEdit

E.K.Virtanen, MystikShadows, Hartnell, Richard D.Clark, Chris Warren-Smith

.ZIP version.

Thanks, E.K.Virtanen
nice job!

i am really looking forward to MystikShadows Api tutorial.It is very nice.
And yeah,Brutus2D is nicer than Qbasic
and that info about lesser known basics was really helpful
and they were really "lesser known" to me :oops:

Overall a Great Job though a bit short issue but that's understandable because people haven't been online for a while.
Freebasic is better than Brutus2D.
I've never tried brutus, but FreeBASIC is the programming language.

I also liked rdc's article about lesser known BASIC dialects. Actually i do know them but still i liked it as good preview. I definately hope to see more that stuff from rdc.

Brutus2D is also interesting one. But since it's win only and im linux only, i cant try it much. But also a great add in the scene.

Hopefully we can get tons of interesting articles/tutorials of different dialects on next issue.
Nice! You featured SmallBasic! It's what I use on my Palm and before that my Helio.
Quote:But since it's win only and im linux only, i cant try it much.
See? FB IS better.

Told you. Tongue
FB RawkZ! Tongue

Fb is the Ultimate Programming Language!
Quote:FB RawkZ! Tongue

Fb is the Ultimate[/u]Programming Language!

Uh... yeah. Whatever you just said.
What's FB?
FB is the only program you will ever need besides Linux.
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