Full Version: Advent's Musings: Phase 2 - Multiple Instruments and Mood
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Tongue Alright. Well the reason I posted my music before was because I had just completed Phase 1 of my music learnings. That included basic melody and single-instrument play. Playing some of what I hear in my head, etc.

Well now I'm on *Phase 2*. This phase won't be complete until I can learn how to play and compose two or more instruments together in song. Also, I have to accomplish setting a mood and feeling for each song, rather than just some beats that come into my head, which will probably end up making the songs longer.

^_^;; Well, erm. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place showing how multiple instruments work together, or if you have any song recommendations. Any genre of music will do.

And thanks!
I hope to some day finish my personal phases and have music worthy of being heard.


Instrumental Patterns I've Found:

+ Pattern One +

- Guitar
- One or Two More Guitars
- Drums
- Vocals

+ Pattern Two +

- Guitar
- Drums

Of if only I had some classical music on me. Should look it up Big Grin
Easy = Keyboard + Guitar

Classical = Piano + Cello + Clarinet + French Horn + Well, you get the picture.

With easy, you can plink out a piece on the keyboard, record it on your computer, and play it in the background while you strum the guitar.