Full Version: RPGDX competition stuff! (huge image[s])
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Finally, RPGDX is having another compo, and this time I'm getting in on it. Since we're allowed to build the engine ahead of time, I figured I'd go for a prerendered Parasite Eve style game engine. I put together a quick scene and a scaling sprite to test the engine out. Here's how it looks so far:

[Image: rpgwork.jpg]
The perspective of the sprite is currently wrong, as the scene is rotated 30 degrees and the sprite isn't.

The game engine uses Yagl 0.0.7 for everything.
Oh my dear... looks sweet Nod. You know that carpet, I had one that looked almost exactly like that when I was young. Pretty scary!
Hmmm... That's just a sprite drawn over a background image?
Pretty impressive looking so far. Wink
[Image: rpgwork2.jpg]
This one was done with correct sprite perspective and it's much easier to see that the perspective is correct since you can see her face more clearly.
Look's good nod.
Shouldn't you subscribe for the contest by the way? :humm:
Yeah, I will when I actually come up for a name for this. Smile
What about something like...

House Of Whore!

I mean horror.


Seriously though... What is the size of the character sprites?
What about the background... Are you using seperate sprite layers for the bed, table, etc?
The character sprite is, I believe, 256x448 (can't check right now, am in Linux, heh). Other sprites will be added later but I don't want any of them to exceed 512x512 so the surface isn't made to be too big (YAGL resizes the surface to the next power of 2 for speed). Sprites are scaled depending on their position on the background. There are sprite overlays for certain objects in the background, and I use a bubblesort (right now) for sprite priority.
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