Full Version: rsnet screensaver - all done in fb
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Me and Rattra are always up to somethin. This time we made some "homepageware" for rsnet. Sinse Rsnet is taylored for coders and gamers, we did an fps theme. Chek it out


Its technically a demo, wonder if I can get Adigun to put it up on his site?

@Rattra, POST THE CODE!!!
Quote:@Rattra, POST THE CODE!!!
Or is it too messy? :winkwink:


Note: I had the mod the createtex.bi a little, cause the RGB in the FB version I have sends back &hFFFF00FF, not the &hFF00FF used in the old one.... So if you change the code to work in another version, and there is a lot of pink in the overlay, you need the original createtex.bi, found in: examples/GL/nehe/ of the FB folder.... :winkwink: