Full Version: SPAM!!!
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You are in Sickbay. Don't worry, you are going to be fine- as long as you stop trying to get off that biobed.

*roughly pushes cha0s back onto the biobed*


After enduring many dignity violating (and unwarranted I might add!!) cavity probings, I fully recovered. The end.
Wait! I haven't finished my positron tomographic...

Never mind.
Happy Birthday!!!

I have a suggestion.

Archive the board and clean up what currently exists, and convert from PHPBB (which this board's version is really outdated) and get the new SMF. The true members will return and start a new life for QB.
Maybe just archive and lock the entire forum Tongue It hasn't had a decent thread for months anyway.
Great. then i'll have to find another forum to screw around on.
Then again, maybe it would be a good idea to just rename the forum... "The Spam Magnet"


Change it to FreeBASIC news =)
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